Vendor Onboarding - Robotic Process Automation

Accounts Payable: Automate your Vendor Onboarding with RPA – Demo

Companies add new vendors by looking up their information and inputting them into their Invoice application. This is performed by personnel copying the information from Vendor lookup tools or websites and pasting them into the application.

Vendor onboarding time can be reduced by more than 50% with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Onboarding is completed faster and any manual errors are eliminated as well.

Watch a quick demo of how RPA is looking up the Vendor information with DUNS number and using that info to add a new vendor to Invoicely application. The RPA tool used is Automation Anywhere.

Vendor Onboarding with RPA

You can integrate this part of the Onboarding process with a BPM tool for an end to end workflow orchestration as shown in the complete video here.

Here is another demo of adding Supplier to the Oracle Cloud ERP.  In this case, the Automation Anywhere bot receives the Supplier data from a spreadsheet. The Bot takes the data from the spreadsheet and creates a new Vendor on Oracle ERP.

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