Accounts Payable: Automate your 3-way matching with RPA – Demo

If you are in finance or accounting then you are more than likely familiar with the process of 3 way matching of invoices to purchase orders (PO) and goods received notes (GRN).

AP 3-way matching

Accounts Payable(AP) team matches the quantities, prices, and terms to what was ordered (with PO), to the goods received (via GRN) to what is being charged (Invoice). This is usually done before paying any invoice,

It is a method of ensuring accurate payment and validating different parts of the supply chain. The current process that has evolved over the years is very manual, paper-based and leads to delays and human errors.

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this three-way matching can be automated removing this tedious work for the AP professionals. Here is a quick demo.

This automation at a manufacturer uses Automation Anywhere RPA tool. The tool automates the three-way matching using the QAD ERP.

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