How do we get started with RPA?

The good news is that RPA is not a complicated technology or skill. RPA is comparatively easy to get started with. That is true whether you are evaluating RPA for yourself or your organization.

As an individual, there are many free learning resources and tools available online. I have provided a few resources below to get you started. RPA tools are built so that even non-technical people can build the workflows. You can create your first RPA with these free resources available online. There are tutorials from most of the tool providers that can guide you to build simple to complex RPA automation.

Here are some resources to get you started. These are resources that are freely available for you to dive right in now!


Download Uipath tool

Uipath tutorials

Automation Anywhere (AA):

AA tool download (Fill out the form to get download link)

AA Tutorials


Free tool download

Workfusion courses


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