What is the best way to learn RPA?

Start by picking up skills on one of the three top RPA tools:

  • UiPath
  • Blueprism
  • Automation Anywhere

More details on the tools are here.

It is easy to get started as there are tutorials and free tools that you can download. We would always suggest you follow the courses from the tool providers themselves.


Currently, Uipath is the best tool to start learning RPA. They have one of the best teaching aids and forums among the RPA tools. You can find the links to learn UiPath and also find reusable components that you can use to speed up your Automation learning here:

UiPath Go!, your one stop shop for RPA components.

Here is the direct link to UiPath Academy

They also have a free certification there that is valued in the industry.

Here are links to other tools and tutorials to get started:

Automation Anywhere (AA)

AA tool download (Fill out the form to get download link)

AA Tutorials


Free tool download

Workfusion courses


Kofax 12-month trial tool download

Kofax course (RPA intro only)

Kryon Systems

Tool & Tutorials


Since RPA is a business tool, you would be better of taking an interest in understanding business processes and how to automate them.

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