Which is the best RPA tool for me?

One of the first questions that come to the mind with RPA is – what tool should I use? This is the most popular question about RPA. The popularity of this question is quite understandable as that seems to be the starting point.

It is important to understand that the tool is just one of the aspects to consider as you get started. Once you are at that stage though, you realize there are many aspects to consider. There are different ways tools can be licensed or even consumed – locally or as a service. There are tools that are strong overall and some that are focussed on certain niches. There are mature tools and there are evolving but promising tools. There are tools that have included intelligence (Cognitive, AI) and some that are starting to do that. There are free tools, paid tools and even open source tools. There are tools that charge a premium and some that are comparatively less costly to start with.

Now, the best RPA tool (or any tool) for you depends on what you looking to do with the tool. What works for others may not work for you. What works for one use case may not work for your use case. I would always consider tools that fit into your overall vision and strategy. Look at the best approach to digitize and digitalize the end to end use cases.

Once you have a sense of where you like to go and how it may make sense to understand which tools align with your needs. We have a ranking of the top tools summarized here.

It is an attempt is to have a quick snapshot of where we think a tool is comparatively stronger. These may change as the tools evolve.

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