Why do some RPA implementations Fail?

In the midst of all hype on RPA, there are multiple stories of failures. The top three reasons we can think of are:

Failure to demonstrate quick returns: If the initial implementations or Pilots do not show a tangible return on investment (ROI), the projects get derailed quick. So target to demonstrate quick returns and communicate that to Executives.

Treating as an IT project: RPA is a business tool and ownership should be with the business with IT involvement. If IT considers this as another software tool and goes through typical evaluation cycles, the Business benefits may be delayed or even be a non-starter.

Wrong Process selection: RPA tools are strong in certain areas and have limitations in certain areas eg. Citrix, OCR etc. It is crucial to select processes that RPA can tackle well. We should also look for processes that are not too Complex (with many exceptions), Critical or need lots of Compliance requirements.

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