We are here to enable you to Discover, Develop and Deploy your Digital Assistants.

We are driven by the knowledge that people are only seeing a glimpse of what is possible with Automation.  To many people,  automation is fussy and scary. Our mission is to change that perception.

Our core values

01. Focussed: We focus on Practical value

We provide the most effective Digital Assistants for your environment. We do not come with an agenda to extract as much money as possible through more work or licenses. We just like you to experience the best of what is possible through RPA and emerging technologies. We  only focus on the 20% bots that will bring big impact for you.

02. People: We are People first

We do not see users as useless people who can be replaced with automation. We like to empower people with RPA & AI to make their work life better. We help you understand the impact up front, work out possible solutions and communicate them appropriately.

03. Augmentation: It’s People And Machines

We believe that people working with machines deliver the best Customer and Employee Experiences. We see a world where Digital Assistants do work that they are best at closely monitored and controlled by people who are doing what they are uniquely good at.

04. Scale: We are Systematic

5 to 10%- That is how many enterprises are able to scale right now with RPA automation. We like to change that enabling more and more organizations lay the right foundations to scale.

05. Flexible: Do it the way you like

Do it yourself, Get Assistance or just let external partners do it. Choose how you like to make your employees and customers happier. We are here to enable it the way you want to.

06. Experience: We come with specialized knowledge

We have been doing RPA for Fortune 500 customers years before it became cool. We are passionate about technology and like to keep up with the trends. We are always on the look out for innovations that can add value for your Employees and Customers.

07. Easy and Risk free

We cut everything unnecessary and keep it simple and direct so that you get to value minus the bloat. Our Bots make you faster, better and return hours to your business. We also keep it simple and easy – when you call you you talk with someone who’s an expert at building automation, not at selling you something. We implement them for your 100% risk free.

Our Founder

Nandan Mullakara has been assisting clients to automate with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive technologies. His specialty is in assisting clients discover the possibilities with RPA & AI, Pilot the implementation, Manage the change and Lay the right foundations to scale.

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